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Manufacture Gidroservis-M, OOO

Production of hydraulic cylinders

In the domestic market production of hydraulic cylinders is often arranged on the basis of the plants making hydraulic equipment. It demands application of bulky technologies which have to be in turn supplied with the special equipment and tools that exerts considerable negative impact on district ecology. Often on such to plants we can note wear of the equipment, shortage of qualitative materials, the insufficient number of good narrow-purpose experts. It considerably reduces a possibility of production of the competitive production conforming to modern requirements in the advanced world practice. Such production took predominating the place within many decades, however let's consider alternative.

Today many foreign companies which production is provided in the world market and which you can get from us go some other way: These companies buy accessories from the specialized firms which reached perfection in any sphere. These firms are engaged in a raskatyvaniye and a honingovaniye of pipes, at the same time reaching the highest indicator of purity of an internal surface, chromium plating of rods of necessary hardness and resilience to hostile environment, production of high-precision pistons, plugs and so forth.

Thus, producers of hydraulic cylinders are engaged only in machining – a razdelyvaniye of sleeves and rods, welding and full assembly of hydraulic cylinders. After that all production passes obligatory processing, and then is packed and offered for sale or goes to buyers. Separate attention with concentration on production of non-standard (single) hydraulic cylinders with various options of execution on a rod and the case (a ski lift, the sphere, a flange, etc.).

Our company pays much attention to modern technologies thanks to what we do not lag behind world tendencies in the market of hydraulics. We have all necessary equipment for production of hydraulic cylinders. We received high qualification owing to long-term experience in the market of the hydraulic equipment. Thanks to all this we offer production only best quality.

The hydraulic cylinders delivered by our company are reliable, durable and have a big resource. It gives an opportunity of use of cylinders in any operational, and at different temperature, conditions. We pay special attention to quality of production which is delivered by our company.

One and all production in which sale we are engaged passes strict quality control. Assembly process, from initial to the final stage, only skilled workers are engaged. Then all product range passes a full cycle of tests. After this product mark, attach the passport and the certificate of quality to everyone.

The hydraulic cylinders released by our enterprise are suitable for various scopes of application including for extreme service conditions.

Among other positive sides of our goods especially it would be desirable to note:

  • Design, the most convenient for service
  • Modern system of consolidation of rods
  • Standardization and replaceability of accessories
  • Any options of fixture convenient for you



manufacture Gidroservis-M, OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine