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For customers Gidroservis-M, OOO

The sphere of purpose of hydraulic cylinders is rather wide and various, besides the main use in agricultural, construction, municipal, hoisting-and-transport, zemleroynoytekhnik, they also found extensive application in hydraulic pressa, volume hydraulic machines, metal-cutting machines, forge - press cars.

Our enterprise offers production of hydraulic cylinders for any options of application by a svozmozhnost of use of different types of fastening on the hydraulic cylinder case. Piston hydraulic cylinders of bilateral action conform to the UA standards1.032.0132872-12. At the request of the client parameters of standard hydraulic cylinders can be changed, up to absolutely non-standard design. Fastening of a hydraulic cylinder can be executed standard or to be changed upon the demand of the customer. On our production hydraulic cylinders of rigid fixing, with eyes, with the built-in spherical or bearing hinges are issued. Working pressure of a hydraulic cylinder can be any in the range from 16 to 40 MPas (bars). Production of hydraulic cylinders includes chromium plating of all surfaces that provides a possibility of work with any working liquids which characteristics are allowed for application in hydraulic cylinders. All hydraulic cylinders pass tests according to GOST and on them the guarantee of 12 months from the date of delivery is given.



for customers Gidroservis-M, OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine